Collective self-consumers

In Denmark, CSC is already allowed on building scale. All consumers as well as the generation plant have to be linked by a private grid and thereby have to be behind a common utility meter, covering all consumers who will use the electricity locally produced.

RECs and CECs

The Danish Electricity Supply Act has been amended in 2020 to defince CECs. The law defines CECs and addresses the rights and obligations of aggregators and active consumers (Danish Government 2020). The provisions include that: Aggregators and CECs should be exempt from delivery obligations (deliver electrical products on equal terms for all customers). This would allow aggregators to offer specific tariffs for consumers with adjustable loads and grants CECs an exclusive right to consume the energy produced within the community.

  • Citizen energy communities are not allowed to own, establish, buy or rent and independently manage distribution networks.
  • The government is authorized to lay down rules on the acquisition of flexibility services by network companies to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Source: Frieden et al., 2020