In Latvia the regulatory framework for RECs and CECs is currently emerging. Status July 2021

 ->2021-22. The regulatory development will be completed inin the field of energy communities (Amendments to the Energy Law and the Energy Marketlaw and subordinate regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers)

->In 2021, the necessary support measures and financial will be definedthe basis for energy communities to operate primarily in the field of solar energy;

->In addition, other investment resources will be sought to support energy communities(such as the Modernization Fund, which is funded by the EU Emissions Trading Schemetrading systems)• –

>In 2022, a support program will be developed to support energy communitiesin the field of solar energy;

In Latvia energy communities may build on the social enterprise law. A social enterprise is a company withlimited liability to which social security has been granted and which has a positive social impacteconomic activities (such as the provision of social services,building an inclusive civil society , promoting education,support for science, protection and preservation of the environment).


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Einārs Cilinskis, Ministry of Economics