Collective self-consumers

Collective self-consumption is not possible in Romania.

RECs and CECs

In 2021, the Romanian Ministry of Energy published a draft law defining active consumers and citizens energy communities. The law basically transposes the EMD provisions for Citizens’ energy communities. Citizens’ energy communities have the right to own, establish, purchase or lease distribution networks and manage them autonomously with the provisions applicable to closed distribution systems.

So far Romania has already a definition of a prosumer as a final customer who owns electricity generation installations, including cogeneration, whose main activity is not the production of electricity. A prosumer can consume, store and sell electricity from renewable sources produced in his building (including an apartment  building), a residential area, a shared service  location (commercial or industrial), or in the same closed distribution system. Prosumers get an exemption from the annual and quarterly purchase obligation of green certificates, but also from the payment of all related tax obligations for the electricity produced (self-consumption / surplus sold to suppliers). The units for the production of electricity from renewable sources can have  an installed capacity of no more than 100 kW per location of consumption

Source: Frieden et al, 2020