Collective self-consumers

Spain has an advanced framework on self-consumption in place, allowing to share generation among customers connected at low voltage within a distance of 500m. For CSC schemes, no grid fees are charged for the electricity exchanges within the scheme.

In November 2021 Spain introduced variable distribution coefficients for collective self consumption. The legislative proposal contemplates the following requirements:

–> Variable coefficients must be established before consumption occurs and energy is generated, to avoid billing complications.

->They must be defined for each hour of the year (they must add 1 in each of the bands).

->The coefficients can only be changed every 4 months. Exceptionally, existing shared self-consumption facilities may make a first modification to move to a variable coefficient, even if four months have not elapsed since they were put into operation.
In any case, despite the introduction of variable coefficients, the ministerial order will maintain the possibility of using fixed coefficients for collective self-consumption that prefer it that way. For each consumer and participant in collective self-consumption, this coefficient will take the values ​​that appear in an agreement signed by all consumers participating in collective self-consumption and notified to the distribution company as the person in charge of reading the consumption. The value of these coefficients may be determined based on the power to be billed by each of the participating associated consumers, the economic contribution of each of the consumers for the generation installation, or any other criterion provided that there is an agreement signed by all participants and provided that the sum of these coefficients of all consumers who participate in collective self-consumption is the unit for each hour of the billing period.

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RECs and CECs

The Royal Decree-Law 23/2020 of June 2020 first introduced energy communities and aggregators, only defining their general purpose and nature (Government of Spain 2020).